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It’s no exaggeration that everyone in developed countries has heard of the name.
Their range of business is a variety of fields, and their economic influence both domestically and internationally is immeasurable.
However, it’s not commonly known that their success was achieved in just one generation.

About nine months ago Mr.Brad, the founder and chairman of PROBE-NEXUS, suddenly announced he would be retiring.
The reason for this had not yet been released, but at the time, the news caused havoc in the business world of each country.
Mass media enthusiastically speculated about who would become the next chairman.

And now… Rumours were whispered among the underworld of each country, as people had begun to forget the news of retirement from PROBE-NEXUS.

“It seems that another FFS will be held again.”
“Oh? Is it sponsored by the current chairman?”
“This just looks like another way to kill time.”

Now that Mr.Brad, the chairman of PROBE-NEXUS and organizer of FFS had retired, who was the organizer? What was their intention? These thoughts didn’t matter to the participants of the FFS.
As long as they’re having fun with the battles...