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Blood Type
October 1st
Fighting Style
Mutsuki style martial arts
Fun fact
Her special skill is performing 31 straight shots in close-range shooting (now prohibited after her grandfather finding out). Her hobbies include sewing and reading.



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A painful memory replayed as she closed her eyes.
A training ground has blood smeared in various spots. Her father was lying on the floor. A silver-haired man had left. A young Hikari crying.
For Kaya, it was the loss of her father.
No matter how tough the training got, that scene never disappeared from her memory. Even if the man who killed her father was defeated--Greed, nothing would change.
Kaya was aware that in the end, the reality of her father’s death hit her hard.
Dedicating her life for the purpose of avenging her father’s death was barely scratching the surface of the issue.

Kaya sat alone and kept meditating quietly at a tense training ground.
The gentle breeze carries the scent of flowers from the garden.
“I may not be strong enough to overcome my father’s death…but…”
Kaya was quite good at introspection. She didn’t have to force herself to think of the memories of her father.
Little by little, she accepted reality. That was the best solution for her.

In the distance, there was a voice of Hikari looking for Kaya. Today was the anniversary of their father’s death, and they had made arrangements to visit the grave together. Light footsteps gradually got closer and closer, and the dojo door opened quickly.
“Ah, so you were here after all. Let’s get going.” Hikari smiles and rejoices when she finds her sister.
“Yes, we should…”
With the being said, Kaya suddenly thought of something while slowly rising from the ground. What answer did Hikari find?

Kaya and Hikari brought flowers and a pail of water as they headed to the gravesite in the evening.
As they approach the cemetery, they hear a roaring man’s voice. It seems to be in the direction of the Mutsuki family’s grave.
As they rushed through the cemetery, they were noticed by two men standing in front of the tomb. The two men arguing were familiar faces. One was their grandfather, the other man was called Hazama.
Both of the sister’s expressions changed from surprise to vigilance. The flowers and water bucket had dropped to their feet.
“Why are you here…”
Kaya coldly asks Hazama while trying to restrain herself. Hazama seems to have had a light chat with their grandfather, who carried a bitter expression.
“It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it? Both of you haven’t changed.
You don’t have to be so defensive. I visited the grave because it was the anniversary of your father’s death. Please forgive me for bothering you, I’ll just…”
Hazama bowed lightly and walked away from the tomb.
He rubbed against Kaya and left a message“I’ll be waiting for you.”
“Hey grandpa, why was he here? What were you two talking about?” Hikari asks her grandfather.
“Why, he just came to visit Seijuro’s grave and had a small talk with me…”
The grandfather replied quietly.

A few days later, a jet-black envelope was delivered to Kaya.
The sender was unknown. She breaks the seal and reads the letter. The content was an invitation to the 6th F.F.S for both Kaya and Hikari. A sentence caught Kaya’s eyes as she tried to tear the letter apart.
“If you are the daughter of the 1st F.F.S winner, Mutsuki Seijuro…Please participate in this F.F.S and give me the details of your father…”
Kaya is astonished.
“…That…Why was my dad in the F.F.S…?”
She wondered if her kind father really participated in a gruesome fighting tournament and became the champion. The contents of this letter was far from conclusive, as she had still not clearly found an answer to her father’s death.

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※When the character is facing right

LP = Light Punch, SP = Strong Punch, LK = Light Kick, SK = Strong Kick, D = Dodge

Command Normal

  • Rakuyo


Special Moves

  • Hiyoku


  • Tensen


  • Oborochou -Kumo-

    Oborochou -Kumo-

  • Getsuei


  • Setsuren


  • Gessen


Offensive Arts

  • Housen


Defensive Arts

  • Soujin


Critical Arts

  • Hyousa


Boost Dive

  • Kinbukumeisen


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