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March 4th
Fighting Style
Assassination arts
Fun fact
His special skill is communicating with his animal, Harry. He can also balance his whole body on one finger, and sleep with one eye open.



New character colors can be selected with the following buttons during you select your character.
●PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Steam: L2 ●Nintendo Switch™: ZL ●Xbox One、Xbox Series X/S: LT


London is a metropolitan city diverse with culture and people.
You can still witness the calm scenery of dirt paths, rivers rushing, and windy meadows about an hour’s drive from the city into the suburbs. An old man lived in a small town located in the countryside.
His name was Watt. It appears that he had just recently moved into town.
He was well-liked in the neighborhood and town perhaps because of his calm appearance and personality.
He spent his days relaxing, cultivating grapes and other garden work, as well as walking and reading.

While working in his garden one day, a usual routine of his, the doorbell at the entrance rang. A small animal at the feet of the old man is surprised by the sudden sound and hides under the sofa in the living room.
“Goodness gracious. Who is it?”
As the old man walked slowly toward the front door, an unusual postman stood with two letters. Though suspicious, he thanked him for his work and took the letter. There was no sender, only an address and the name “Boyd”.
The man’s expression seemed to change, but it soon shifted back to his usual calm face. He returned to the living room and slowly cut the seal with a letter opener. The little animal from under the sofa crawled out and approached the old man’s feet. The contents of the letters were both job requests.

The old man nods with deep emotion, drops his weight on the sofa, and suddenly notices something.
These two clients were the targets of one another. Looking at the contents of each letter, it seems the targets are all related to that big company PROBE-NEXUS.
The target “Beatrice” was an unfamiliar name, but the name “Hazama” rang a bell.
“Hmm. What are you planning…”
While saying that, he happily relaxes his mouth. For the time being, the old man decided to go to the kitchen to brew tea to ponder. A pleasant breeze comes from the garden into the living room, swaying the curtains. The two letters fluttered down on the floor in the wind.
After a while, after he brews the tea and returns to the living room, things suddenly change. The two letters were trashed by a small animal. Was it because of being annoyed by the doorbell? The old man was stunned. It was his rule to send a reply back to the requester if he declined their task.
“….Harry…You little…Oh!”
Despite the old man releasing a loud sigh, the little animal slept comfortably and comfortably.

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※When the character is facing right

LP = Light Punch, SP = Strong Punch, LK = Light Kick, SK = Strong Kick, D = Dodge

Command Normal

  • Swirl Chop

    Swirl Chop

  • Swirl Chop Feint

    Swirl Chop Feint

Special Moves

  • Sunny Finger

    サニー フィンガー

  • Mellow Throw

    Mellow Throw

  • Fancy Kick

    Fancy Kick

  • Shiny Punch

    Shiny Punch

  • Sunny Finger (Down)

    Sunny Finger (Down)

Offensive Arts

  • Super Shiny Punch

    Super Shiny Punch

  • Super Steel Head

    Super Steel Head

Defensive Arts

  • Twin Sunny Finger

    Twin Sunny Finger

Critical Arts

  • Eccentric Motion

    Eccentric Motion

Boost Dive

  • Sunny shot

    Sunny shot

Note: Can cancel some special moves by pressing another button of the same strength (ex. LP for LK) before they activate.

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