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Blood Type
February 9th
Fighting Style
Tengen-ryu Kenpo
Fun fact
He feels like he can understand animals. He takes naps as a hobby.



New character colors can be selected with the following buttons during you select your character.
●PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Steam: L2 ●Nintendo Switch™: ZL ●Xbox One、Xbox Series X/S: LT


The yellow river has both nurtured and robbed people of their lives since the dawn of history. A ferry slowly sailed along the river like leaves in fall floating on the surface of water.
This boat must have had a lot of history, as there were traces of repairs and reinforcements everywhere.
It didn’t even seem it would be affected even with multiple cattle as cargo. Although, the boat is now in danger due to the rise of water from the heavy rains a few days ago.
The load was holstered by a captain covered by a large-brimmed hat and a boy carrying a large scroll.
The boy’s name is Typhon, a user of Tengen-ryu Kenpo. Typhon recalled what happened so far, as he sat cross-legged.

Menso Bokoku Hyaku Hachigyo
–Whether it was a lie or not, it was required training to fill a huge blank scroll with 108 prints of the strong man who beat him in combat.
At the command of his grandfather, the master of Tengen-ryu Kenpo,Typhon participated in the 5th F.F.S held at Zone Prime. He underwent great training, but inadvertently lost the scroll.

“You don’t have enough training!!!” His grandfather’s scolding flies to Typhon in the same manner as usual.
After returning to the mountain, Typhon desperately explained what the training had achieved, but his grandfather did not lend an ear to hear his excuses.
“Mmm..damn! If only..If only I didn’t eat that many hamburgers!!” Typhon ate a large amount of hamburgers after the last tournament using his prize money. He treated himself to an even larger amount of ‘take-out’ and ate it on the way home. While he was taking a break at a mountain pass near the temple to eat his remaining hamburgers in one go, someone stole the scroll. He was so preoccupied with eating that he didn’t even notice.
Eventually, he resumed his practice at the temple and returned to his normal routine. After a while, his grandfather put Typhon to the test yet once again.
“I order you to perform 108 face ink paintings!”
He wasn’t able to achieve it last time, but in Typhon’s perspective, he should be able to complete it now.
“Eugh..Again?” Typhon grunted
“What are you complaining about? In that case..”
“No,no! I’ll do it! Let me do it!” Typhon hurriedly reiterated, cutting off his grandfather’s words. Typhon’s heart danced in his chest as he returned to his suite and prepared for the journey. The practice is tedious, but it is much easier than outrunning huge boulders or climbing the quay with a stone statue on your back to train. Best of all, it was a great opportunity to go back into the city again. Typhon shimmied down the long staircase with a brand new scroll on his back.

“That’s a terrible way to go. Hang on to the side and don’t fall in, boy.” Typhon came to his senses upon hearing the voice of the boatman. The water current swirling near the shore was indeed a whirlpool.
“I’ll be right there. Hoi, here’s the fare.”
“H-Hey! What are you up to boy?” With the bewildered boatman turned to his back, Typhon leapt toward the shore with great vigor and landed in a spin.
“Thank you mister! I promise I’ll be back with a souvenir after I beat everyone, so i’ll see you soon!” Typhon shouted as he ran backwards, waving his hands in the air, then running off in a straight line. When the young boy took off with the scroll on his back, the boatman took off his shades and looked at his grandson with concern.
Now then.. I wonder if he’ll be able to win this time…

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※When the character is facing right

LP = Light Punch, SP = Strong Punch, LK = Light Kick, SK = Strong Kick, D = Dodge

Command Normal

  • Soutoushou


  • Triangle Jump

    Triangle Jump

  • Sourakkyaku


Special Moves

  • Tenkeishou


  • Shukukeihou


  • Retsusouan


  • Renkatsukyaku


  • Bakkishou


  • Mouchoushu


  • Sourakkyaku


  • Hitankyaku


  • Triangle Jump

    Triangle Jump

  • Wall cling stop②

    Wall cling stop②

  • Tenkeishou


  • Hitankyaku


  • Triangle Jump

    Triangle Jump

Offensive Arts

  • Shukukei Houshouan

    Shukukei Houshouan

Defensive Arts

  • Kongou Toutai

    Kongou Toutai

Critical Arts

  • Typhon Method: Chouzetsu Renkeihou

    Typhon Method: Chouzetsu Renkeihou

Boost Dive

  • Tenkeihou


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