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Blood Type
April 12th
Fighting Style
Martial arts
Fun fact
Can free dive deeper than 100m and perform most sports accurately. He makes his own original cocktails (Although it doesn’t seem like they’re popular?) as a hobby.



New character colors can be selected with the following buttons during you select your character.
●PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Steam: L2 ●Nintendo Switch™: ZL ●Xbox One、Xbox Series X/S: LT


A slow white cloud flowed through the clear blue sky.
The warm sunshine poured into the city, lightening the pace of those going about their routine.
Italian holidays. Perhaps due to the weather today, the stone-paved streets were crowded with many people strolling around, street vendors, and street performers wanting to enjoy the fine day.
Aran was walking around the streets alone, while families, couples, and friends enjoyed the holiday together.

Sometimes he would speak to a woman he’d pass by and look back, so to make himself feel more safe on his trip.
As he walked along the streets for some time, Aran saw a beautiful young woman walking merrily with a young boy. It was similar to seeing siblings shop for the holidays together.
Looking back on these two, Alan suddenly remembered:
“Now that I noticed, it was only when Sister was gone where I started to really look at women differently.”
From another’s point of view, it could look as if the child were lost and with an adult desperately looking for their parents.
Aran would deny that was the case. Had he been doing that unknowingly for years?
He completely forgets the first reasons of looking at the woman, and smiles at himself, looking back at the woman for a different purpose.”
Somehow, Aran experienced a hit of nostalgia and felt happy, but also a little lonely. He took his breath away from the street and went into Gerald’s Shop as usual. The light of the warm day was shining as if to celebrate the people who enjoyed the holidays.

He opened the door making a slight sound. and walked into the shop, where Aran sat down at his usual seat on the counter. Even though customers don’t choose their seats, he’s the exception to the rule.
As Aran was looking at the menu, Priscilla, who seemed to be in a bad mood, came to him while holding a tray.
“Hey, there’s a woman here who has been waiting for you for a long time. What did you do?”

“Wait, really?… But why are you angry?”
“I’M-NOT-ANGRY!” Priscilla walked off harshly.
“Surely, Priscilla will be in a bad mood if you’re not helping during the holidays.”
He looked back at the table where a charming woman with a crisp pants-style was fluttering her hands. Aran quickly moved to the table where the woman was waiting and spoke with a smile.
“Ah,I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Since this weather is nice, let’s go out somewhere!”
“Pff! Are you always like this?”
Aran grinned as if they were old friends, despite this being their first meeting.
“I’m afraid i’m just an agent. When I deliver my message, I have to go back right away. Okay? Sister’s whereabouts are here. I was told that you would understand if I said that to you. Well then,” That being said, the self-identified agent put a black envelope on the table and left the shop with her sunglasses in hand. Alan wouldn’t move from the table after the woman left. Priscilla, worried, went over to check on him, who had continuously been looking at the contents of the envelope.
“What is that?”
Priscilla’s voice changed his face to a happy expression.
Gerald called out from the counter to see Aran’s unusual behavior.
“Who the hell was that, Aran?”
“I was invited to a celebrity party! Oh man~” Aran answered their questions with a wide grin.
The party venue was Zone Prime, organized by PROBE-NEXUS. For most this would be a hassle, but Aran didn’t seem to mind the surprise invitation.

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※When the character is facing right

LP = Light Punch, SP = Strong Punch, LK = Light Kick, SK = Strong Kick, D = Dodge

Command Normal

  • Blow Lancer

    Blow Lancer

Special Moves

  • Vanishing Strike

    Vanishing Strike

  • Vanishing Strike (Feint)

    Vanishing Strike (Feint)

  • Vertical Strike

    Vertical Strike

  • Vanguard Strike ①

    Vanguard Strike ①

  • Second Strike

    Second Strike

  • Third Strike

    Third Strike

  • Accelerator Strike

    Accelerator Strike

  • Phantom Phase

    Phantom Phase

  • Vanishing Strike Low

    Vanishing Strike Low

Offensive Arts

  • Strike Burst

    Strike Burst

  • Strike Back -Cross-

    Strike Back -Cross-

  • Strike Back -Double-

    Strike Back -Double-

Defensive Arts

  • Strike Edge

    Strike Edge

Critical Arts

  • Infinity Strike

    Infinity Strike

Boost Dive

  • Phantom Shift

    Phantom Shift

Note: After a successful Phantom Phase, can follow-up with Vertical Strike or Vanguard Strike.

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