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Blood Type
November 17th
Fighting Style
Fun fact
He can accurately pinpoint the time down to seconds without a clock. His hobby is Ironman racing.



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●PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Steam: L2 ●Nintendo Switch™: ZL ●Xbox One、Xbox Series X/S: LT


Orville disappeared from the media to participate in the 5th F.F.S.
His absence from the frontal fighting world, albeit for just a few months, kept his presence away from people’s minds.
The interest of the masses is volatile. Perhaps because of that, Orville’s return to the fighting world and entry in a general fighting tournament was touted as big news by the media. But if anything, the attention was focused on the opponent rather than Orville.

Was there “Change of generations in the fighting world!” “Young Supernova VS the Champion of Battle” “The era of Orville is over?!”

Orville’s opponent is pushed to the front of the page with big headlines and feature articles just like an idol for sale.
The opponent was a match-made as a player to take on Orville.
The opponent was an up-and-coming top fighter who had won consecutive battles in the fighting world where Orville was absent from.
A striker tall as Orville, and was good at striking on the stand in contrast to him.
Even though he had been at a loss, his career as a fighter would be rewarded if he defeated Orville, making him more firm.
With the positive appeal to the media and the closer the tournament date, his expectations and attention increased day by day.

Many people disappeared from the streets of the city that night, calming down the usual liveliness. The people were gathering in front of the TV at home or in a nearby bar. Needless to say, this is to watch the live broadcast of the main show. The audience was waiting for the start of the main event in the crowded venue.
The buzz of the spectators filled the entire venue, the referee went up to the ring and announced the start of the main event, boosting the crowd’s energy immediately. The names of the players echo in the hall while the lights illuminate the stage. Orville’s opponent enters with groovy BGM, accompanied by a number of secondary staff.
“Shut it, I can fight! Orville is already in the past! Focus on me!”
The fighting spirit, physical condition, atmosphere of the place, it was peak conditions for him. Both sides of the audience he passed through had people leaning out of their seats, and the venue filled with cheering voices.

Then, the name of Orville echoes in the hall, and the spotlight gathers at the player entrance. Orville wore only just a hood, no flashy gowns, nor trendy background music, or secondary staff at his side. Swallowed by the stark atmosphere, the crowd who cheered on Orville became quiet, and the noise turned into silence. Orville slowly climbed into the ring and removed the hood. The inside of the hall screams at Orville’s cheek scars being projected onto a large display. By the time he had disappeared from the fighting world, his cheeks wounds were still being treated, so this was the first time people had seen his face in a while. With such enthusiastic spectators, his naturally quiet and calm behavior gave a stately impression to the spectators and the opponent.

The referee stated the rules and prohibitions. The gong rings to announce the start of the match. All the eyes in the hall gathered at the two people in the ring. Both sides closed the gap while taking a stance. The first to move was the young striker.
He fired a check-off jab on the left with exhalation, and Orville matched it with a guard on the right.
At that moment, the striker’s right high kick hits the left of Orville’s head!
It was a wonderful combination with a check-and-balance jab as a feint move. But —.
The sharp right high kick cuts the sky and instantly tackles from Orville’s sunk position.
“Slimy …”
Orville mutters like a coach and easily gets into the other person’s pocket. He assembles himself in a flowing manner towards his opponent and then scoops his legs and falls on the mat, performing the choke sleeper. It took less than a few seconds to give up.
The hall was quiet for a moment and the next moment it was a big cheer. As the referee announced the winner of the match, Orville’s expression remained unchanged, as if it was a warm-up.
“Orville is completely revived!!”
Everyone who saw this match was convinced that day.

A few months later —.
A large number of fan letters and gifts were delivered more than ever before. They are rigorously checked and then given to Orville. Suddenly, Orville’s eyes caught on a jet-black envelope. Open the seal with a paper knife and read the contents. A smile spread naturally around Orville’s mouth.

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※When the character is facing right

LP = Light Punch, SP = Strong Punch, LK = Light Kick, SK = Strong Kick, D = Dodge

Command Normal

  • Drop Kick

    Drop Kick

  • Low Drop Kick

    Low Drop Kick

Special Moves

  • Assault Tackle

    Assault Tackle

  • Snipe Through

    Snipe Through

  • Full Gravity Lock

    Full Gravity Lock

  • Sledge Revolver

    Sledge Revolver

  • Assault Through

    Assault Through

Offensive Arts

  • Mega Gravity Bridge

    Mega Gravity Bridge

Defensive Arts

  • Hammer Fang

    Hammer Fang

Critical Arts

  • Full Graviton Fall

    Full Graviton Fall

Boost Dive

  • Extension Heat

    Extension Heat

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