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July 23rd
Unknown (United States)
Fighting Style
Specializes in very precise kicks
Fun fact
Ballet is her hobby, and being able to tell if people are mad is her special skill. She enjoys trying new sweets (But she can’t eat too much)



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●PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Steam: L2 ●Nintendo Switch™: ZL ●Xbox One、Xbox Series X/S: LT


A figure moves carefully through the dark subway premises while rhythmically echoing the sound of their shoes.
Occasionally, the light of the trains rubbing against each other illuminates the figure for a moment, revealing its soft silhouette.If anyone was looking out from inside the car, they would have been fascinated by the sight of the light. The subway has existed since the city was built and has long been popular as a daily foothold for citizens.
The route now extends underground in the city like a spider web. It is said that the premises where the abandoned line route and new route are complicated like a labyrinth, and even concerned and careful people often get lost.

However, there was no hesitation in the footsteps of the person who ran lightly on the subway premises without a map. The proof being, it seems they have already reached the destination platform.
They quickly put on the long coat and hat prepared in advance, adjusting their breathing by a tinge. After confirming that no one was around, they whispered something, and while turning over the hem of the coat, they calmly climbed the stairs to the ground floor.
The figure illuminated by the moonlight was that of a beautiful woman.

Garnet — that’s her name.
She is a well-known information broker on the road. She worked in combination with Brain, a hacker named Abel, and undertook behind-the-scenes work, both legal and illegal.
Meanwhile, she was blessed with an opportunity to raise funds for a certain purpose.
In the 5th F.F.S. Garnet participated in the tournament, which as a prize promised to fulfill whatever the winner wants. She won the championship and got what she wanted. Garnet stopped working afterwards and lived in a mansion.
However, she couldn’t bear such a boring, unstimulating life, and soon returned to her former business practice.

The elevator made a nice noise to notify the passengers of their arrival on the floor.
A room in an abandoned building that seems to have been forgotten from urban development, their so-called hideout.
“Abel~ the data collection has finished~ Please analyze~ Oh, I’m so tired …”
She took off her coat, calling for Abel’s name.She tried to give the data disk to Abel, but couldn’t find him. Not only the living room and bedroom are quiet, but also the bathroom is too.
“Abel~? Where are you? Didn’t you need this immediately? I’m the one who is slammed by clients?”
After all, there was no reply. She thought that it was unusual for him to go out, so she checked her email for the time being.
“If you’re going out, what should I say at the time of the regular contact …?”
There was one strange thing among some request emails.
Garnet didn’t recognize the sender, and the subject of the message said
“Please open the drawer at the top of the desk.”
There is no text in the body. She looked down at her desk. There was a jet-black envelope in the drawer.
“Hrm, I don’t have a good feeling about this … It’s probably better if I just don’t open it..”
When she opened the seal, a letter and a familiar invitation came out.
Garnet read the letter.
― Apparently, Abel was caught by the authorities. If she wants to help Abel in a judicial transaction, he says she should participate in the 6th F.F.S. and win the grand prize.
“That idiot!”
With the letter in her hand, Garnet fell backwards onto the bed.
“What should I do?”

Recalling the fierceness of the previous F.F.S. battle and taking into account the involvement of PROBE-NEXUS, it was easy to imagine that this time would be even better. With that in mind, she wasn’t scared to participate in the tournament.
However, losing Abel is synonymous with losing her current job. Without logistical support Abel provided, this job would not be possible. Abel helped her escape a dangerous place. And Garnet wasn’t able to easily truncate her partner just like that.
“Somehow, I can’t get a job without him…and I have a lot of debt… However, I can’t go without a backup … First, I’ll contact his younger brother. “
She acted fast once she made a choice.
Garnet jumped out of bed and began looking for Abel’s younger brother using Cobol’s contact information in his cell phone address book.

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※When the character is facing right

LP = Light Punch, SP = Strong Punch, LK = Light Kick, SK = Strong Kick, D = Dodge

Command Normal

  • Pinhead Split

    Pinhead Split

  • Proud Slap

    Proud Slap

  • Liar Lip

    Liar Lip

Special Moves

  • Piercing Heart

    Piercing Heart

  • Gaze Slash

    Gaze Slash

  • Biting Jest

    Biting Jest

  • Scheme Stifle

    Scheme Stifle

Offensive Arts

  • Piercing Soul

    Piercing Soul

Defensive Arts

  • Mimic Teller

    Mimic Teller

Critical Arts

  • Sweet Shuffle

    Sweet Shuffle

  • World's End

    World's End

Boost Dive

  • Detecting Eyes

    Detecting Eyes

Note: Successfully landing Mimic Teller fills 1 bar of Offense Meter.

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